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Event Descriptions

Our TSD dancers work hard in the studio all season long, some are even here multiple days a week! As teachers, we know that the core work is done in the studio; perfecting moves and choreography while building confiDANCE, teamwork and leadership skills.  We are so proud of our students that we want to extend to them as many opportunities as possible to showcase their talents and continue to build their skills.  We do this through various performance opportunities throughout the year including the annual recital, summer festivals, summer performance camps and local conventions.  Below you will find descriptions and highlight reels of our performances.


Recitals are a main attraction for our dancers and families alike. 

Our annual dance recital is typically held the second full week in June. In order to keep the show time to a minimum, we hold three individual shows in which most performers participate in one of the three.  

Our dancers perform on stage for an audience of family and friends, wear their beautiful costumes and build confiDANCE.

This is our dancers favorite part of the year and we look forward to it very much!

Recital details are sent to our TSD families through email.

Summer Festivals:

Following the annual recital, school is out and summer begins.


After a successful performance for family and friends, our dancers are eager to branch out and showcase their skills to more people.


Our dancers can perform in various community days in July and August throughout the area each summer. Check our website for dates and locations!

Summer Camps:

Just like summer reading keeps your brain sharp for school – our summer classes keep your skills sharp for the upcoming season. 


We offer a variety of summer camps and classes for all our students including but not limited to princess camps for younger dancers and multi-genre workshops with various instructors for our high-school students. 


Not only are these classes tons of fun, they allow students to jump back into class in September “without missing a beat!”


Dance conventions are a fun way for our students to take classes from some of the best instructors in the country. 


We have traveled as far as NYC to as close as downtown Pittsburgh.  These dance conventions consist of various classes taught by elite members of the dance community and allow our studio dancers to dance alongside other dancers from around the country.


We have even had our dancers brought up on stage to perform combinations with the teaching team and have also had our TSD students win scholarships to future conventions!

2020 "Rise Up" Quarantine Video
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