Class Descriptions


  • A 30-minute independent creative movement class for ages 2.5-3 with a focus on Ballet, Tumble and Musicality



  • Students have their own one-hour class, which offers a combination of Beginner Tap, Ballet, and Tumbling.  They learn to work with a group as well as showcase their new skills onstage at the year-end recital.

GRADES 1 – 4

  • Students are offered one-half hour classes of Tap*, Ballet*, Jazz*, Acro*, Hip-Hop*, Musical Theatre* and Pom-Pom*.  All subjects are age appropriate and offered a routine in the upcoming recital.


  • Students are offered 45 minute lessons in the traditional classes of Tap, Ballet, and Jazz.  Specialty classes such as Hip-Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre, Lyrical* and Pointe* are one-half hour in length.


  • Available as one (30 minute) session per week.  Solo students work only on choreography unless otherwise discussed with the instructor.

See below for descriptions of offered class styles:  


Students learn to “tap” out rhythms and patterns using toes, balls of feet and heels.  Fun for all ages; can be performed with or without music.  Common steps include shuffle, flap, cramp roll, Cincinnati, and many others.


Students learn classical dance that develops form, technique, and grace. This is the basis for all dance.  Proper body alignment and body placement is combined to produce clean, versatile dancers.


Rising to the tips of the toes while performing ballet steps, a strong ballet background is necessary.  Students interested in this class need teacher recommendation.


A popular style to dance including funk, Broadway, and classical using current upbeat music.  Often used in Musical Theatre, Jazz is a favorite of all dancers.

Musical Theatre

One of our most popular classes.  Singing, dancing and acting allows us to explore the many shows from Broadway.   Become a star in this most sought after class.


This class is designed for older students with good technique.  If fuses ballet and jazz and is performed to music with meaning and passion.

Hip Hop

The latest craze in dance, this street-style dance is sought after by teens.  All classes are age appropriate with regard to dance steps and music selection.


Learn fundamental gymnastic tricks and acquire flexibility and strength in this class. Enjoy fun “pom dance” combinations to upbeat music in dance team fashion.